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Workshop Duration: 1 Day

Some reliability improvement initiatives can require a significant investment of time and resources to conduct the analysis, implement the recommendations and ultimately realize the value. This workshop outlines several “quick-win” reliability improvement initiatives that have the potential to save money, reduce risks, or increase production right away.  

Research reveals that most failed initiatives can be chalked up to a lack of planning for the human reaction to the change, and not to the validity of the initiative itself. Change management—the science of dealing with the human element—is quite often overlooked whenever new initiatives are undertaken that involve changes in job duties and responsibilities.  

Attendees will learn how to conduct the following activities which have the potential to fast track getting some wins on the board for their reliability team, and additionally, learn how to implement and sustain a successful program or initiative with change management. 

  • How to conduct a Vulnerability Analysis and Assessment to identify areas of quick wins
  • What to consider and how to derive value from historical work order/downtime data analysis
  • Bad actor analysis and improvement evaluation
  • RCA- 5 Whys and the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology
  • Organization Attributes and Change Characteristics Assessments surveys 
  • Defining the initiatives' sponsors and their roles in the process- identifying who will be affected by the change and to what extent
  • Defining "change readiness" and how to gauge the state of the organization
  • Developing a thorough communications plan
  • How to recognize resistance to change and build a structure to manage it  
  • Targeted Maintenance Strategy Optimization/ Rapid Strategy review
  • How to conduct a Spare Parts Analysis and achieve Spare Parts Optimization
  • How to use quick wins to build a simple business case for a broader initiative
  • Developing a thorough communications plan
  • How to recognize resistance to change and build a structure to manage it 
  • Developing a comprehensive training schedule and coaching relationships for those who will have new responsibilities
  • Change management concepts
  • Stickiness of initiatives and methodologies
  • Practical exercises



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