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Workshop Duration: 2 Days (Wednesday & Thursday) 

This course delivers everything you need to create and implement optimal maintenance plans that deliver excellent asset performance at low cost. You will learn how to compare, analyze and select the best maintenance plan strategy; produce work instructions; CMMS load sheets; and ensure delivery of business performance goals and successful outcomes by quantifying business benefit and risk.

Key Learnings:
  • Learn how to compare, analyze and test your maintenance plans to ensure you are implementing the most optimal strategy to deliver higher reliability at lowest cost
  • Leverage powerful reliability software to optimize your plans in a simulated environment
  • Deliver successful outcomes and meet business objectives through quantifying and calculating business benefits and risk reduction
Course Modules
  • Using Weibull Analysis to select a maintenance strategy
  • System Boundaries, Function Analysis - Functional Failure analysis
  • Inspections, Predictive Maintenance choices, Preventative Choices
  • Selecting the best maintenance strategy - Basic Planning choices
  • Optimizing Individual Maintenance Tasks 
  • Grouping Tasks into Logical routes and reasonable CMMS packages
  • CMMS Load sheets - what they are - how to map data into the CMMS Database
  • Generating Work Instruction Documents - Defining exactly "how" to do the job
  • Calculating the Business benefit and risk reduction benefit your maintenance plan provides
  • Business case evaluation


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