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Workshop Duration: 2 Days (Wednesday & Thursday) 

The objective of this two day workshop is to provide an understanding of the RCM method of maintenance task optimization. Participants will gain an understanding of the use of failure data analysis and failure forecasting and how to choose optimum maintenance tasks that reduce the costs to the business.  

Following the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to choose the optimum maintenance task and know the benefit to the business, know how to forecast spares, resources, budgets and risks and know what needs to be done to keep a maintenance plan focused on minimizing the chance of future losses.  

Attendees will learn and work through the following:

  • RCM Skill Building
  • Why Traditional Maintenance cannot meet the needs of business today
  • Weibull Data Analysis
  • What is RCM and how does RCMCost deliver this methodology plus more
  • How to identify failure modes that can impact your plant
  • How to calculate failure data relevant to your equipment using Weibull feature in RCMCost 
  • Assessing the total cost impact of failure on a business  
  • How Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance improve business, safety, environment and operational risks
  • Simulating the maintenance strategy in RCMCost
  • RCM Skill Building Continued
  • How to select the optimum maintenance task and frequency
  • Exercises in RCMCost
  • Maintenance Decision making elements and sensitivities



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