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Workshop Duration: 1 Day

Many organizations are looking to create a culture of reliability improvement by providing new levels of capabilities, processes, tools and skills to its maintenance team. But, in order to determine exactly how to improve they need to understand exactly where they are today.  

This workshop will walk attendees through the steps of conducting a Reliability Maturity Assessment. This process assesses the current maintenance and reliability practices and processes and compares against internal perceptions and industry best practices. It also facilitates the development of recommendations to improve performance. The outcome of performing a Reliability Maturity Assessment is an action plan with recommendations to close identified gaps and proposed solutions that will help to deliver value in the short, medium, and long term.  

The goal of a site assessment is to establish what is actually happening on-site as opposed to what should be happening. The audit process establishes the essential elements of maintenance excellence. Then, the current state is determined from analysis of data, conducting interviews, and mapping work flows. The emphasis is on analyzing what are the driving elements for performing maintenance work, what barriers exist in preventing continuous improvement, and what extent risk and reliability is taken into account in the asset management process.  

These elements are compared to best practice, their interaction is mapped, and the benefits to closing the gap is estimated. A plan to close the gap by developing a road map for improvements is the final step in completing the assessment.


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