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Workshop Duration: 1 Day

This workshop will introduce the key elements of an ASM program. Many organizations can relate to problems such as:

  • Taking the OEM recommendation for maintenance strategies without any justification process
  • Lack of maintenance strategies on all equipment
  • Equipment maintenance strategies are not reviewed or updated
  • Lack of governance of maintenance strategies (deviation from Reliability Engineer defined & agreed on strategy)
  • Using the CMMS to manage maintenance strategy decisions
  • Poor master data is not helping facilitate strategy decision-making
  • Strategies are subjective, based on expert/subject-matter expert opinion
  • Using generic strategies but not varying for operating context
  • Strategies are varied across like assets
  • Lacking a formal (FMECA / RCM based) approach to strategy development.

Asset Strategy Management (ASM) is a process which allows organizations to capture and review data from all sources and leverage learnings to enhance asset strategies, by identifying pockets of strategy excellence and deploying those strategies across the organization, wherever they are relevant. In short, ASM means that the best strategies are deployed to all your assets, all the time, continually evolving based on real data and effective review processes and are easily updated and customized for site variations.

In this workshop, you will learn;

  • Building generic strategies
  • Cost and risk justified strategies
  • Task phrase library
  • Deploying strategies
  • Local variations
  • Simulation and analysis
  • Packaging rules
  • Leveraging excellence and continuous improvements



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