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Tammy Whipple, MPA, PMP, CRL

The Ups and Downs of Reliability Centered Maintenance

Tammy Whipple, MPA, PMP, CRL Assistant to the General Manager

Sammamish Plateau Water

Sammamish Plateau Water embarked on the implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) to advance their overall asset management program and optimize maintenance strategies. Initial expected outcomes included reduced maintenance time, trained operators, documented processes and strategies and a comprehensive dynamic preventive maintenance program.

This case study will highlight why the Sammamish RCM project has been both enlightening and frustrating and will examine how the RCM process began, the objectives and the challenges encountered (including how Sammamish achieved optimized maintenance strategies), how they were able to challenge the status quo of operation and maintenance tasks and mindset, and how the organization is moving forward to fully complete and implement Reliability Centered Maintenance as a way of doing business.

Attendees will learn to describe how RCM can change a culture to be reliability centered, how to communicate the benefits of involving the entire operations and mainteance teams in the RCM process and how to evaluate the pros and cons of implementing RCM in-house. 

ABOUT TAMMY: Tammy has her Master’s in Public Administration and is a Project Management Professional and Certified Reliability Leader. She has worked in non-profit management and local government for more than 13 years. Tammy leads special projects and programs for the District including asset management, reliability centered maintenance, business metrics and project management enrichment. She supports projects for finance, general management, operations and maintenance engineering services.