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Jorgan Peadon

Reliability Culture Shift: How RCM Can Alter Your Approach to Align with Your Mission

Jorgan Peadon | Lead Water Technician

Sammamish Plateau Water

Reliability Centered Maintenance is designed to improve asset reliability and maintenance cost-effectiveness. Which is why Sammamish Plateau Water – provider of water and sewer services to Washington state customers – decided to optimize its operations through RCM. In addition to creating a reliability-based maintenance and operation plan, the organization also wanted to change its culture and thought processes regarding how to run and maintain its assets.

This session will guide you through Sammamish Plateau Water’s two-year RCM journey, highlighting how a group of operators experienced in reactive and run-to-fail knowledge has evolved into a team grounded in a failure-prevention approach. Deficiency elimination and operator-driven reliability are helping this 70+-year-old organization not only solve problems at the root cause, but also cultivate a work atmosphere aligned with its mission – providing safe, efficient, reliable services by being a leader in the planning and practice of fiscal and environmental stewardship.

ABOUT JORGAN: Jorgan has worked in Water Operations for 6 years at Sammamish Plateau Water. He has been the Lead Water Technician for 2 years and implements the water plan and budget for the water staff. Jorgan has taken the lead in the Reliability Centered Maintenance work done by the Water Operations team. As a Certified Reliability Leader, he facilitated the RCM for the District’s water producing wells and treatment facilities, booster stations and tanks. Sammamish Plateau has ~ 750 million dollars of assets that these reliability plans manage. This reliability study helped in creating  Standard Operating Procedures, optimized Preventative Work tasks and knowledge capture.