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Jason Ballentine

Hidden Risk: The Danger of Dated Maintenance Strategies

Jason Ballentine | General Manager, Operations

ARMS Reliability 

World-class execution of a poor strategy won’t deliver on operational objectives in a predictable consistent way. Many organizations are executing inconsistent or dated strategies, leading to variable results, continued under-performance, and significant failures and outages. Once a strategy is developed and implemented, periodic reviews and updates to the strategies are critical to ensure the maintenance tasks remain aligned to the business environment and goals. It is not a one-and-done effort but a continually learning process.  

The reality is that most organizations don’t review strategies to ensure alignment to the current operational and environmental contexts. Once implemented, the strategies are either left unchanged or perhaps worse still, are changed in unstructured and unjustified ways.

If you have not reviewed or updated your maintenance strategies recently, or worse still, you don’t have a defined process of review, it is likely your strategies are out of alignment with your current assets and their performance targets. The Maintenance strategies that are executed are one of the single biggest contributors to performance. Ensuring your strategies are up to date is a key to successfully meeting your operational targets.

This presentation will review why strategies aren’t typically reviewed, false perceptions regarding strategy review, the setbacks that follow dated maintenance strategies, and ways to optimize your approach to maintenance strategies. Attendees will learn ways to overcome the common causes, including:

  • Setting up formal triggers to drive strategy review
  • Formalizing a process to manage the review and evolution of strategies and content
  • Metrics to successfully review or benchmark strategy performance and identify key areas for review
  • Changing perceptions that following OEM recommendations is the best strategy
  • Overcoming a reactive maintenance culture and ways it hinders strategy review
  • How to fix under-performance, failures and outages with a formal strategy review process

ABOUT JASON: Jason Ballentine holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional. At ARMS Reliability, Jason manages the multitude of reliability projects undertaken by ARMS Reliability Engineers in North America. This includes asset strategy management program development, maintenance strategy development and optimization, RAMS studies and life cycle analysis studies for different industry sectors.