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George Parada

Cheers to Reliability Design: Creating a Safer, More Efficient & Cost-Effective Business

George Parada, CMRP | Director of Engineering Services

Constellation Brands 

Projects within manufacturing and food processing industry have not historically accounted for sound reliability-centered design. As a result, Constellation Brands - one of the world's largest total beverage alcohol companies - wanted to effectively improve their overall project management processes for new assets and they realized reliability starts at the design phase. Not properly identifying critical spare parts, poor maintainability access appropriately establishing a sound equipment maintenance strategy needed to become a thing of the past. 

This session will highlight how Constellation Brands is approaching world-class reliability by commissioning new equipment and facilities that meet the requirements of not only the maintenance teams, but also the operations teams; driving reliability-centered design, providing proper training and resources for operations and maintenance personnel at the right time; and using a much more organized approach to optimize operational costs.

ABOUT GEORGE: George Parada is currently a Director of Engineering for Constellation Brands, a total beverage alcohol Fortune 500 organization. George has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from San Francisco State University and is a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional through SMRP.

George's experience in Maintenance and Reliability process improvements was developed during his time at Cargill where he held several operations and maintenance roles. George is a passionate teacher of reliability centered maintenance concepts, root cause analysis, reliability design, maintenance work management processes and effective change management.

When George isn't working with his work teams, he's usually cheering on his SF Bay Area sports teams, deciding where in the world he and his wife Daysi will travel to next, or just looking for the next best foodie location around.